CA Final Risk Management Complete Guidance Target 80+ By CA Shivam Palan For November 20 & May 2021 Exam

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PublisherCA Monk AuthorCA Shivam Palam LanguageEnglish BindingPaperback Publication DateAugust 2020

CA Final DT COMPACT Handwritten by Bhanwar Borana for May 2020

Covers Amendments made by Finance Act 2019 Covered all Case Laws applicable for May 2020 Exam.COMPACT is a Indias First Handwritten colored book for CA Final Direct Tax by CA Bhanwar Borana. Its amended by Finance Act 2019 Applicable for May 2020. This book has all Case Laws Relevant For May 2020 Exam.It includes

Learning is a fun, but do you find it exhaustive Are you finding difficulty in getting The right content in the right way and are you looking for a compact Way of learning The book will happily answer all the questions. It is written while keeping your Convenience in mind. It is easy to read, nice to look and precise for making your Understand the key concepts in the most interesting way. I have struggled during my ca Final exams when i used to refer to multiple books and notesExam times were a mad Rush. I often used to get confused with what to refer and how to rememberI always worked hard to make learning simpler and easier for anyone to understand and apply I am highly delighted to introduce a handwritten fonts book called” compact” which is A complete guide for a ca final student it is a quick refresher before any exam and can Be great friend in celebrating your success with you started writing it, and it took 40 days to complete it. I recognize the efforts of every Person who helped me in bringing this idea alive I dedicate this book to each student who is aspiring to become a charted accountant And contribute in the growth of our country “COMPACT”is a color- coded book for easy understanding

  • Black-Headings
  • Blue – Main Content
  • Red – Important Point &. Words
  • Green – Amendments


Volume 1
1.    Tax Rates & Marginal Relief
2.    Income from Capital Gain
3.    Income from Other Sources
4.    Profit or Gain from Business & Profession
5.    I C D S
6.    Taxation in Case of Amalgamation & Demerger
7.    Dividend & Bonus Stripping Transactions
8.    Taxation of Dividend & Deemed Dividend
9.    Taxation in Case of Liquidation
10.  Taxation in Case of Buyback
11.  Taxation in Case of Units
12.  Taxation of Political Parties
13.  Taxation of Electoral Trust
14.  Taxation of Firm/LLP
15.  Taxation of Trust (Sec 11/ I2/ 13)
16.  Tax on Accreted Income of Certain Trust or Institution
17.  Taxation Of AOP/BOI
18.  Taxation of Business Trust
19.  Taxation of Investment Fund
20.  Taxation of Securitisation Trust
21.  Minimum Alternate Tax MAT)
22.  Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT)
23.  Taxation of Co-op Societies
24.  Deduction U/s 10-AA (SEZ)
25.  Deduction Under Chapter VI-A
26.  Return Filing & Assessment Procedure
27.  Appeal & Revision
28.  Advance Tax
29.  Interest u/s 234 A/B/C & 244A
30.  Tax Deducted & Collected at Source (TDS / TCS )
31.  Income Tax Settlement Commission (ITSC)
32.  Cash Loan / Deposits / Advances
33.  Clubbing of Income
34.  Set-off & C/f of Losses
35.  Income from Salary
36.  Income from House Property
37.  Agriculture Income
38.  Tonnage Taxation
39.  Expenditure Incurred in Relation to Exempt Income
40.  Liability in Special Cases
41.  Penalties
42.  Miscellaneous Provisions (SFT)
43.  Case Laws
Volume 2 
1.    Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)
2.    Transfer Pricing
3.    Taxation of Non Resident Indians (NRI’S) Chapter XII-A
4.    Special Rates of Tax
5.    Taxation of Global Depository Receipts (GDR)
6.    Authority of Advance Ruling (AAR)
7.    Residential Status & Scope of Total Income (Some Aspects)
8.    Equalisation Levy
9.    Top Rules 128 Foreign Tax Credit (FTC)
10.  Fundamentals of Base Erosion and Profit shifting
11.  Overview of Model Tax Conventions
12.  Application and Interpretation of Tax Treaties

About the author

CA Bhanwar Borana by Profession & Professor by PASSION !!! After attaining the respect of being called a CA, he chose to spread and share his knowledge to the coming young students who aspire to be CAs too. He believe that studies with fun is a great blend which makes the aspirants achieve their goals with full precision.

Presently he is Core Faculty of Incito Academy, Mumbai & Visiting faculty of WIRC of ICAI. He has overall 8 years teaching experience at CA IPCC & FINAL in Direct Tax & AMA. He always tried to bring out that hidden confidence and inculcate the strength and capabilities in students for them to rediscover themselves each new day.

CA BB plays multiple roles very effectively as a Guide, Teacher, Mentor, Motivator and Friend to his students.He is the professor to go beyond theoretical reading of the section and make students solve practice problems in the class which puts the students to ease during the examinations.

He is the author of Indias first Handwritten DT Book COMPACT and also other books on Taxation.

He have diligence and immense ability to learn, relearn and unlearn. Inspite being Indias best faculty and accepted in whole country they are still far away from arrogance. He have been playing multiple roles since the time He is a teachers.

They are teachers, motivators, friends, counselors and inspiration for many aspirants. He give students a classroom where they can share their doubts and can receive maximum learning. He make students to imbibe all the knowledge given in the class so that they can retain it in the future as well.